Restraints on space means that not all vehicles can be displayed at the same time. In addition, some of our buses may be required elsewhere. If you wish to see a particular bus or coach, please phone beforehand to confirm that it will be on display when you visit.

No. 11:DL 5084 A Daimler CK with Dodson B26R bodywork. New to The Vectis Bus Co. in 1927. The vehicle is in need of a spot of TLC
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703 DDL 50 A Bristol K5G with ECW bodywork New to Southern Vectis in 1940 GDL 764 A Leyland PD2 with Leyland bodywork. New to Seaview Services in May 1950
864 TDL 564K A Bristol RELL6G with ECW bodywork. The Pony. New to Southern Vectis in 1971 & converted to open top in 1986
FDL 927D Ex- Southern Vectis 806

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The Tram

An original painting by Mary Golding 


This painting is listed in
"The Public Catalogue Foundation”
(Oil Paintings in Public Ownership)
a copy of which is available for reference in our shop

The leading car, seen in this painting, is owned by The Isle of Wight Council and on loan to our museum

The Tram

611 CDL 479C A Bristol FLF new to Southern Vectis in 1965.

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PDL 519 aka Tadpoles. If anyone doubted the build qualitity of Bristol buses, consider this Lodekka. After service with Southern Vectis, she was sold to Top Deck Travel and made 20 trips to Nepal & Tibet. See Any More For Kathmandu for memories of one trip. In July 2007, after standing in this museum for 10 years, she was started, successfully put through an MOT test, in no small way due to the efforts of Keith Randle, and driven to Dublin and back. Short hop, really. Just don't ask the origin of the name "Tadpoles"! (If you must!)


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FDL 676 1950 Bedford OB

SDL 638J 1971 Bristol VRT SDL J

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Tadpoles has now left our museum and will be retracing some of her wheeltracks to Nepal. It is hoped that a documentary will be made of this trip and we'll give you more details once we know them, and when we can expect to see her back on The Island. In the meantime, follow her adventures on;-

Their website